E-mail Hosting with Anti-Spam Filters

Your e-mail is as critical a connection to your clients and your workflow as your phone line. That's why we've invested in reliable software and hardware, monitor our equipment 24/7/365, and are available to answer your questions and concerns at all times.

Providing network security, anti-virus as well as anti-spam protection, our Barracuda Anti-Spam Firewall is one of the industries leading technologies to filter out spam. Like other filters, the Barracuda allows obvious "white" mail to be delivered directly to your inbox, and automatically blocks and deletes obvious "black" mail. But Barracuda also offers a rare "graylist" feature. "Gray" mail is quarantined for your review so that you maintain control over your inbox.

Call on us and get an owner/stakeholder in the company, and not an hourly technician, to assist you. You'll see that we're invested every step of the way!

Whom do you trust with your vital communications?


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